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Effective procurement techniques are skills we believe we are all born with. This is not so. We would not trust just any employee to produce our profit and loss statement or balance sheet for month end. We would not ask an unqaulified person to liaise with our employee base regarding personnel issues, nor would we send an untrained operative to man a piece of production equipment. 


So why do many companies allow general employees to deal with suppliers, negotiate price and place purchase orders? Effective procurement is a skill like any other and to ensure the highest returns in this field our dedicated procurement staff must be trained and work within strict processes and guidelines.


At Business Change Management Ltd this is the core of our professional expertise and we can advise your business as follows:

  • Procuremenet staff selection and training
  • Process and procedure development and "delegated authority levels" set
  • Supplier categorization and strategy development
  • Supplier negotiation and consolidation
  • Contract negotiation and construction
  • Contract management and adherence
  • Inventory level reduction and controls
  • Supplier sourcing




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